Vehicle Armor

Individual safety is becoming a high priority around the world. From government dignitaries to heads of multinational corporations and their families, safety is becoming a key element of their daily life. Our unique solutions are developed to meet the challenge of today dangerous global threats. From a handgun to an assault rifle we can provide the required solution to protect those that may be at risk.

fotos_03From private vehicles to corporate fleets and VIP transportation ARMAT provides ballistic materials and OEM, made to order kits that are easy to integrate into any vehicle armoring process.


fotos_04ARMAT ballistic Glass meets international standards of protection. In addition our line of opaque materials like our Aramid and Polyethylene, are designed to meet a wide range of ballistic standards

From the common handgun to military type assault rifles both our Aramid and Polyethylene products meet the challenge. All our solutions are independently tested and certified

Certified by H.P White Laboratories to The Following Standards