Dear friends and customers

During these past few months, in the course of the Covid 19 pandemic, we have realized how we are all connected as a global community. We all have the same concerns about health, family and well-being. In a way, it has forced us to look under a new light our fundamental principle here at ARMAT, “Save a Life, Save a World”

Today we face several challenges. The pandemic has not only increased the health problems risks, but also escalated socioeconomic problems due to the number of people who have been impacted in their ability to support their loved ones. While the great majority continues to struggle to maintain a normal life, it has also generated a smaller segment that seeks resolution with acts of delinquency against other members of our community. This situation demands that we assume the responsibility to develop innovative products that allows citizens to have a level of tranquility and security through these difficult times.

It is for this reason that we at ARMAT continue with our commitment to develop innovative solutions that provide this element of protection. We will continue at the forefront with our opaque materials and ballistic glass products that are economically advantageous for those who desire a level of protection in their homes, work environment and when riding in their vehicles. We have to be willing and able to be part of a solution for the benefit of our community. Our security and armor industry have a great responsibility. This is summarized in our belief, “Save a Life, Save a World”