Vehicle armor protection, weight vs performance

vehicle_armoringIn our industry we keep looking for that elusive formula of providing the highest level of Protection with the least amount of weight. This fact is becoming more and more critical, especially in the commercial armoring industry. From local armed conflicts to urban crime we are challenged to provide the most discreet and lightweight solution, reducing the impact to the performance of the vehicles. As we talk to the owners of local armoring companies and their customers around the world we hear the same complaints, the vehicle is too heavy, it feels like a tank, I want discretion, at the end they all want to be protected but not noticed.

Previously it was accepted that ballistic steel was the solution, and in some cases the armoring companies still do believe it is. Most of the times the material to be used is based in previous experience, hence the question how do we evolve into a new era of ballistic protection? Innovation is crucial and developing new ballistic protection solutions based on our experiences is a must. The level of protection will always be dictated by the expected ballistic threat but the solution to the problem will be designed by our knowledge and desire to innovate. Our industry keeps confronting a continuous development of new types of ammunition that mandates continuous testing and improvement. Heavier is not better and previous solution are not always the best. If we adhere to these principles we would still be employing heavier protection instead of utilizing new lightweight materials like aramid, polyethylene and ceramics.

So at the end, what is our task as manufacturing companies? Provide materials to our customers that meet the required threat, with the lowest impact to the performance of the vehicle and at a reasonable cost. That is the challenge we face every day in the community of armored protection manufacturers.

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