ARMAT Ballistic Polyethylene

ARMAT manufactures ABP as one of the most advanced ballistic protection solutions available market wide. The Uni-Directional Polyethylene panel for ballistic armor applications consists of 100% UHMW-PE fibers manufactured under a proprietary process. ARMAT ABP is pressed from Uni-Directional fabrics utilizing high pressure presses to optimize ballistic performance. ARMAT ABP has the best weight-to-ballistic performance ratio available. This technologically advanced product is capable of absorbing high energy impact events such as multiple- hit rifle shots, projectiles or fragments.


ABP 134.00.1583.80.8
ABP 7418.00.74818.43.8
ABP 8220.00.86620.74.2


Each fabric layer of ARMAT ABP consist of multiple plies of Uni-Directional polyethylene fiber tapes cross-plied at 0°/90°/0°/90°. All ARMAT ABP are tested and certified to the NIJ, UL and CEN standards by H.P. White Laboratories.

Certified by H.P White Laboratories to The Following Standards