ARMAT Polyethylene Fabrics

ARMAT Polyethylene Fabric Roll Our polyethylene fabrics are manufactured in rolls consisting of uni-directional UHMW-PE fiber tapes cross piled at 0°/90°/0°/90°, and protected with a thermoplastic film. All our fabrics are designed to provide higher ballistic protection performance while reducing weight. ARMAT provides a diverse array of aereal density to allow our customers to develop the best ballistic protection solution for the end user.
When law enforcement officials and first responders want the best ballistic protection available, the solutions developed with ARMAT fabrics meet their goals.

Material CodeDescriptionAereal Density

Revolutionary material that combines polyethylene fibers in a uni-directional matrix to provide a tension free pattern capable of absorbing more energy than similar woven products. Exceptional protection against steel- jacketed rounds. Designed for flexibility and comfort. Significant stopping power with multi-hit and angle shots.
250+/- 10 gram/m2

All ARMAT Products are tested and certified to the NIJ, UL and CEN standards by H.P. White Laboratories.

Certified by H.P White Laboratories to The Following Standards