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Estimados amigos y clientes

Estos últimos meses bajo la pandemia del Covid 19 nos ha hecho considerar como todos estamos entrelazados en una comunidad mundial. Todos tenemos las mismas preocupaciones en cuanto a salud, familia y bienestar. En cierta forma no lleva profundamente a mirar con una nueva luz, nuestro principio fundamental aquí en ARMAT “Salva una Vida, Salva […]

Dear friends and customers

During these past few months, in the course of the Covid 19 pandemic, we have realized how we are all connected as a global community. We all have the same concerns about health, family and well-being. In a way, it has forced us to look under a new light our fundamental principle here at ARMAT, […]

Urban Violence

Historically commercial ballistic armoring protection is utilized by high value targets such as political figures, high visibility private citizens and corporate VIP’s. The cost of protecting a vehicle was so high that only those in these categories were able to afford protecting themselves and their families. The threats that were unique to this group, such […]

Great Day In Mexico!

Recently had the privilege to conduct a ballistics and armoring seminar sponsored by one of our customers in Mexico. We shared industry knowledge and they were able to test our product by actively shooting at a diverse sample of ARMAT solutions. The event was conducted at a firing range and they engaged our product with […]

Light But Strong!

Really excited as we just launched a new line of products specifically providing protection against car jacking. Our new line of automobile armoring material offers two lightweight options. First product launched weight is 2.5 kg per M² and resist multiple impacts of a 9mm FMJ, 128gr ammunition. Our new release weight is 1.5kg per M² […]

Vehicle armor protection, weight vs performance

In our industry we keep looking for that elusive formula of providing the highest level of Protection with the least amount of weight. This fact is becoming more and more critical, especially in the commercial armoring industry. From local armed conflicts to urban crime we are challenged to provide the most discreet and lightweight solution, […]

Defining International Ballistic Standards

I remember the first time I was confronted with a question on the language I call “Ballistic Klingon”. It was while attending a meeting with the President and Owner of an armoring company in South America to talk about an upcoming project. As always we were trying to define the protection parameters for the vehicles […]