Urban Violence

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Historically commercial ballistic armoring protection is utilized by high value targets such as political figures, high visibility private citizens and corporate VIP’s. The cost of protecting a vehicle was so high that only those in these categories were able to afford protecting themselves and their families. The threats that were unique to this group, such as kidnapping, street crime and random attempts on their lives are no longer unique to them. Every day we see and read in news around the world how regular citizens are being confronted by some of the same dangers that this segment faces. The only difference is that acquiring ballistic protection for their vehicles was not within their financial reach.

Times have change and armoring products, especially those designed to meet the treats associated with street crime and urban rage, have become more affordable and the materials utilized to provide protection are lighter in weight. If we take a look at the handguns most commonly utilized in those incidents covering such categories as road rage and street crime, most of them fall under the .38, 9mm and .40 S &W. This allow us to look for lighter and innovative solutions rated below the most commonly utilized level of protection NIJ0108.01, Level IIIA. Maybe the time has come to develop materials that will allow the common citizen to protect what they cherish most, their loved ones. Here in ARMAT we believe that it is time well spend and have developed lighter and stronger solutions. We will continue to develop materials that support our commitment to “Save a life, Save a World”.